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You want to make your own menu card ? Ask Publica Menu Cards!

menu card

You want to make your own menu card ? Ask Publica Menu Cards!

If you want to make your very own menu card, then PublicaMenuCards is the perfect partner to do it with. A menu card only reaches its full potential if it is in harmony with your interior, your style and … even more important, with yourself. PublicaMenuCards knows that!

Furthermore you can only create your ultimate menu card if you can use all the possible combinations, not only of materials and fabrics, but also of colours and imprints, of finishes and fastening systems. At PublicaMenuCards you can choose between:

  • screw fastening system
  • rope fastening system
  • double and triple view system
  • book binding system
  • strip and cover system
  • clip system

Menu cards for the hotel and catering industry

PublicaMenuCards is the hotel and catering industry’s supplier of a large range of coffee and beverage cards, menu covers, wine menus, dessert menus, lunch and dinner menus.

In the thirty years of our existence we have built a pretty long list of clients in the hotel and catering business and the chances that you see one of our products in such an establishment are quite big. We supply professional horeca menu cards to, among others:

  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • diners
  • ice-cream parlours
  • hotels
  • hotel chains
  • breweries
  • wine importers and wine merchants
  • holiday resorts

Menu cards for restaurants

One of our specialities is the design and manufacturing of menu card covers for restaurants. Every restaurant has its own character and style and there is no better place to display that style than in your menu card. It is, after all, your guests’ first contact with what you have to offer. The setting, the welcome and friendliness are evidently very important, but then comes the moment of truth, that first impression when you hand over the menu card: WOW, this is beautiful! So special! Never seen anything like it!… You show what you stand for and the expectations of your customers are immediately set at the right level.


Printing on menu covers

We make menu covers in leather, leatherette, cardboard, vinyl, wood and metal, but what will you put on those covers? Printing on such a diversity of materials and fabrics is not easy. Over the years Publica Menu Cards has developed special techniques in order to deliver excellent print quality on all of those surfaces, even with hot foil stamping, embossing and digital printing. Ask us what’s possible. We are convinced that, together, we can develop your ultimate menu card.


Do you have any question, ... or are you just looking for the easiest way?

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