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Keep track of all trends on the hotel and catering fairs.

Discover Publica at the fairs!

Keep track of all trends on the hotel and catering fairs.

We like to display our menu covers, wine menus, dessert menus, hotel information folders, etc. on trade fairs in various countries. Why? Because we are proud of what we make. The most difficult issue of those trade fairs, is to decide which items we will show. That’s because we are both innovator and designer, manufacturer and supplier. We want to show everything we have and demonstrate the many materials and systems, the special printing techniques and all the combinations of those elements that explain why we are so often challenged by our customers to come up with the very best solutions. We wish we could also show, besides the latest trends, our newest models and the designs for menus. Well, let’s just call it a luxury problem.

We would like to welcome you on one of these trade fairs:

20 t/m 22 September 2021
Gastvrij Rotterdam
Standnummer: 5.019

21 t/m 25 November 2021
Horeca Expo Gent
Standnummer: 1726

10 t/m 13 January 2022
Horecava Amsterdam
Standnummer: 01.326

13 t/m 16 March 2022
Horecatel in Marche en Famenne
Standnummer: 3F19

25 t/m 28 April 2022
Horecabeurs Bredene
Standnummer: 1007


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