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A genuine wine menu? Only if want to be taken seriously!

A genuine wine menu? Only if want to be taken seriously!

You don’t necessarily have to be a sommelier to want a nice wine menu. If your guests ask: “Can I see the wine menu?”, it is not always appropriate to have them browse the whole menu to the very last page. It is better to have your separate wine menu ready to hand over, because you’re proud of it. It is your selection of wines, matching your food and your personal style. Only then, you and your restaurant will be taken really seriously

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In-house production

The big advantage of PublicaMenuCards is that we can make your wine menu completely in line with the style of your other presentation products, such as menu cards, check presenters and hotel information covers, because we can make those too. A nice detail is that we design and produce your wine menu, just like the other products, completely in-house. That guarantees that not only the cover and the imprint, but also the content of your wine menu are in line with the menu card or the dessert menu. PublicaMenuCards takes service matters very far indeed:

  • style advice and design of your wine menu
  • advice about the content and the binding systems
  • advice on the imprint and finish
  • unique printing technique
  • complete control over process and planning
  • short delivery times, agreed is agreed

OAbout wine importers, wine merchants and wine menus

Besides restaurants, caterers and breweries, we count also a lot of wine merchants and wine importers among our customers. And if anybody has to uphold a reputation with a wine menu, it’s these connoisseurs. Quality and appeal in combination with the appropriate -or maybe daring- use of our materials. After all, one has to be, and to remain, at the top of one’s trade and the best way to do it is by presenting a very representative wine menu. The wine specialists are not only seduced by our interesting prices, but in the first place by the large number of possibilities and choices to compose a unique wine menu.

A great wine menu deserves a great choice in materials and finishes

Choose the best, also for your wine menus! Would you go for leather, leatherette, vinyl, wood or metal? It is the final and optimal combination of the concept, the execution and the finishing that will bring you the perfect wine menu. The unique printing techniques developed by PublicaMenuCards guarantee a perfect imprint on all materials in full colour, but we can almost work miracles with embossing too. The inside can contain various binding systems and sturdy plastic sleeves or passe-partouts. Anyway, we are open to any nice challenge.


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