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Overview of our binding systems for menu covers

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes, but when choosing a new menu cover, functionality is key! That is why Publica MenuCards offers you several binding systems. A discrete system with hidden screw-posts or a sturdy and cool visible screw system? A sleek pamphlet binder or a lean spine system?

While what's on your menu shows off your personality, the menu cover reflects the image of your restaurant or hotel. So, your choice should be guided by your own tastes. It's a matter of feelings and emotions. We have here several sizes and fabrics on offer, but that shouldn't keep you from creating, with us, something entirely new and unique.

Screw system

screw system

Cord-bound system

rope binding system

2 and 3 view covers

two and three view covers

Book-bound covers system

Book-bound covers

Clamping system

Strip + covers system

strip covers

Split-pin system



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