Terms of Sales and Delivery

Terms of Sales and Delivery

  1. This order constitutes an irrevocable and binding agreement. The agreement comes into force when the order form is completed and sent through the Internet, by or in the name of the customer. It is impossible to reduce or to annul the edition of a given order. The complete payment of the order remains due. The prices mentioned by Publica are valid on the date the deal was closed and are exclusive of VAT and shipping expenses. Possible price increases caused by statutory regulations or governmental measures can be charged to the client.
    If the goods were ordered in any other way than through personal contact with a Publica representative, the customer should thoroughly check the model, colour and finish of the items ordered.
    Goods that were produced and delivered in conformity with the order shall not be exchanged or taken back by Publica, as long as the delivery is compliant with the reasonable requirements. By derogation of the statutory requirements, the application of the general terms of sale and purchase of the counterparty is explicitly suspended unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.
  2. The customer is held to supply in due time the texts and/or material. This means that, except when agreed otherwise, all texts, plates, logos, etc. should be made available to Publica no more than 8 days after issuing the order.
    The customer guarantees that by putting the logos, texts and models at the disposal of Publica no rights are violated that any third parties might have by virtue of a protected copyright, industrial property or in general of any other illegal act.
    The customer safeguards Publica explicitly against any legal or other claims that third parties might enter by virtue of a prior existing legislation. Publica cannot be held responsible for errors in text and/or images provided by the client.
    Publica can in no way be held responsible for a late delivery of the goods in case of a late delivery of the materials. When the material is supplied late, Publica reserves the right to invoice the entire order.
  3. In case there was an agreement to send the customer a proof before printing, the customer has to return the proof within 8 days after receiving it. Failing to return the proof in due time will be considered as a permission to print or to execute the order like the example that was sent to the customer.
  4. The customer pays the expenses for any considerable alteration of the originally agreed designs, as well as the costs for manufacturing the new material, the cost for more expensive realisations and other special achievements.
  5. In case of a misprint or printing error or any other kind of flaw, beyond the responsibility of the customer, a partial or complete exemption of payment can be obtained with the explicit permission of Publica. However, the customer can never submit damages and only Publica can allow a compensation of debts. In that case, the client must give Publica the opportunity to re-deliver a proper product.
  6. Payment of our bills are due in cash upon receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In case of late payment, a late payment interest of 12% will be due as well as all judicial and extrajudicial costs. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the outstanding claim with a minimum of €70. Delivered goods shall remain the property of Publica until full payment has been made.
  7. Within the Netherlands deliveries of goods worth more than 500 euro are without charge; otherwise order and delivery costs will be charged (for Benelux: 22.95 euros per shipment)
  8. The obligation to deliver is cancelled in cases of force majeure, including work strikes, blockades, work-to-the rule actions and suppliers failing to respect their obligations. The date of delivery is always given approximately. In case Publica exceeds the term of delivery the client will have no right to claim a compensation or to terminate the contract.
  9. Publica reserves the right to mention its website on all its products, except agreed otherwise.
  10. Complaints have to be filed within 8 days after reception of the goods. After that period the right to complain is cancelled. Any claims to warranty, replacement or repair of defects will be processed by Publica only after the customer has fulfilled his financial obligations towards Publica.
  11. Any disputes arising from this agreement, including the refusal to pay or late payment, is the sole competence of the concerning judge of the district of Den Bosch.


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