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Screw cover menucards

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Different binding systems

There are different types of binding systems available for your menu card. A popular choice is the hidden version. The big advantage of a hidden screw system is that the inside is processed in such a way that the screws are invisible. This means that your guest immediately focuses entirely on the different image of your menu card. No screws, cords or other binding elements are distracting your client’s attention. The menu card can be opened in a flexible way and it is always a pleasure flipping through it. You can, of course, always deliberately choose to make the screws visible. Visible screws create a robust and rough look. A good choice… especially if other rough elements are incorporated in the menu.

Quality and service

Choosing Publica Menucards means choosing top quality and top service. Since many years we are supplying all kinds of catering establishments. Whatever kind of catering business you have, we adapt our menus to your wishes and always deliver quality. Combine different materials, colours and systems to create a beautiful matching menu card. We will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.