Frequently asked questions

How can I order with Publica?

You can simply order through the website or by phone. You can also make an appointment with one of our representatives who will give you an expert advice at your place.

I cannot find the covers I am looking for.

The navigation bar on the right side of our website contains the search field indicating “search by code”.
Here you can enter the code or the serial name of the covers you wish.
During office hours you can also reach us by phone.
For Belgium: +32 14 370 918 For the Netherlands: +31 40 80 80 202

Which are the delivery times for the covers, when no disasters happen?

Unprinted covers out of our web shop: 2 to 3 working days
Printed covers out of our web shop: 10 to 15 working days

How can I supply the material to be printed?

Please deliver the material in Illustrator.eps or in Coral
For further explanation: see:

Can I see how the print on the covers will look like before the printing starts?

Before we launch the printing process, you will always receive a digital test print.

Are the covers standard equipped with inner jackets and passe-partouts?

Our cover are standard NOT equipped with inner jackets / passe-partouts because every customer needs a different number of readable pages.
You will have to order these separately. This is clearly explained in our web shop.

Is it safe to pay my order through the Publica website?

Thanks to a SSL connection we can guarantee safe payments.

Does Publica deliver other custom-made covers besides the covers that the web shop offers?

Besides a huge variety of covers contained in our web shop, we also deliver covers that perfectly fit all your wishes.
You will be astonished by the possibilities !

Is it possible to receive extra discounts on the prices in the web shop?

For any order exceeding 50 covers, you will receive an extra discount.
Please contact us to know your additional discount.