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Brasseries, wine merchants

Not only hotel and catering businesses, but also breweries, wine merchants and drink merchants have been buying their menus at PublicaMenuCards for many years. They appreciate the many combination possibilities, the very representative quality of our materials, the excellent finish and, most of all, the very affordable prices. They are especially interested in the special rates for large volumes. The unique printing procedures developed by PublicaMenuCards allows for a full colour and even an embossed imprint on the menu covers. The inside consists of a reliable book screw fastening system to hold heavy duty plastic pockets or passe-partouts. We welcome every opportunity to take up a nice challenge.

Mapjes voor brouwerijen, drankhandelaren, wijnhandelaren zijn in de volgende materialen en kleuren te verkrijgen:

  • Used leather (GL)

    Click on the sample for an enlargement.


    Rochen (LR)

    Click on the sample for an enlargement.


    Volleder (VL)

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